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Home Page The Warwickshire One-Act Play Festival (WOPF) is affiliated to the All-England Theatre Festival (AETF), and acts as one of the preliminary rounds of the AETF competition running under the same competition rules. WOPF also holds the same aims as the AETF: "An opportunity for Amateurs to compete against like- minded groups and to benefit from the adjudication they receive to improve the quality of their performance. It also provides social contact so that we can share the experience to our mutual benefit". In 2016 the festival also gained membership to the National Drama Festivals Association (NDFA). Each year, NDFA organise the British All Winners Festival where the very best of British amateur theatre take part in a week- long celebration of theatre. The winners of all NDFA member festivals are eligible to be invited.   The festival is an “Open” festival and welcomes entrants from outside Warwickshire. There are several awards, which includes two qualifying entries (AETF opting entries) going forward to represent Warwickshire in the next round of the AETF competition. For 2020, three qualifying entries from Warwickshire, and three qualifying entries from Leicestershire will go forward to compete in the Eastern Division Final.
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